Biotin Hair Shampoo

ALBADERMĀ® Biotin Hair Shampoo is ideal for brittle and damaged hair. It fortifies the hair bulb and lengths thanks to the presence of actives such as biotin and Rosemary, helping to counteract damage Regrow the hair, and Reduce hair loss...



Using Biotin Hair Shampoo will help in

Hair Loss

Hair Growth

Damaged Hair

About this item

Effortless Hair Care: AlbaDerm's Biotin Shampoo is formulated to Strengthen your Hair effortlessly, unveiling a natural radiance that enhances your Hair luminosity and Reduces your Hair Loss, and Grows your hair...
Thorough Cleansing: Experience a deep and thorough cleanse that removes impurities, excess oil, and residue, leaving your hair clean, fresh, and revitalized.
Refreshing Experience: Delight in the refreshing sensation as our Biotin Shampoo invigorates your Hair, providing a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience.
Gentle Yet Effective: The gentle formula ensures effective cleansing without stripping your hair of its natural moisture, making it suitable for daily use.
Dermatologist Tested: Trust in a Biotin Shampoo that has been dermatologist tested. AlbaDerm is committed to delivering quality Haircare that you can rely on.


Biotin, Azelaic Acid, Rosemary Extract, Horsetail Extract, Serenoa Extract.