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ALBADERM® Whitening intimate wash used to cleanse and and to brighten you skin with perfect hydration for your skin that give you the look that you need ...


Using Whitening intimate wash will help in

Brighten your skin

Cleanse your skin

Hydrates & Refreshing Your Skin

About this item

Gentle Cleansing: AlbaDerm's intimate wash provides gentle yet thorough cleansing, ensuring your intimate areas stay fresh and clean without irritation.

Brightening Formula: Experience the benefits of our specialized formula designed to visibly lighten and brighten intimate skin, promoting an even and radiant appearance.

Refreshing Sensitivity: Delicate freshness that lasts. AlbaDerm ensures you feel and stay refreshed, enhancing your overall comfort and confidence.

Ph-balanced: Maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate areas. Our wash is carefully formulated to respect the delicate balance, keeping you comfortable and healthy.

Quick Foam Formula: Enjoy the convenience of a quick-foam formula that lathers easily, providing a luxurious and effective cleansing experience.

Dermatologist Tested: Trust in a wash that has been dermatologist tested. AlbaDerm is committed to delivering quality intimate care that you can rely on.


Betaine, Lactobionic acid, Lactic acid, Chlorhexidine, Glycerin, Saxifraga sarmentosa extract, Aloe barbadensis extract, Calendula extract, Bearberry extract, Chamomile extract , Dioscorea villosa extract, Licorice extract, Mallow extract.